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Pallet blanks


“Volimeda” seeks to fulfil every client’s requirement by producing high quality, fresh-cut pallet blanks. Our natural moisture pallet blanks are made from a range of mixed timber: birch, black and white alder, aspen and pine (80-90 percent come from broadleaved wood and 10-20 percent come from conifers). Precise cutting is guaranteed by “Probst” timber processing machinery.

“Volimeda” produces blanks for EURO pallets and CP pallets. Upon clients’ request, all the production can be impregnated against wood decay and blue-stain fungi “Antiblu Select 3787”.

On average „Volimeda“ produces 2200-2700 m3 of pallet blanks per month. The production is categorized into 1st, 2nd and 3rd sorts of boards:

Standard dimensions of the sawn wood produced by “Volimeda”:

22 × 75/95/98/145 x 1200/1140/1100 mm
17 × 75/95/118/133 x 1200/1140/1100 mm
15 x 75 x 1200/1140/1100 mm

Possible shorter versions of the standard dimensions: 

22 × 75/95/98/145 x 600 - 1100 mm
17 × 75/95/118/133 x 600 - 1100 mm
15 x 75 x 600 - 1100 mm
In this case the product is a mixture of 1st and 2nd sort of boards.

Please visit the section “Production Quality” for more information http://www.volimeda.lt/en/production-quality